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all the ciara’s they burn

is thanking God that i picked a name that gives me a little scope for having late posts. Ha! The jokes on you,loyal and faithful readers! Only I can decide to put up blogs,and when i do, they have to be irregular! So irregular that you dont see them coming,out of anywhere! Thats why i have an astronaut making panini’s in the corner.

For those of you who dont get that reference, I apologise for both the weirdness and for the quality of your life so far. But that can change. Start watching Community!

Sitting in the SU, dreading physics next. With the always entertaining Ciara “Lonnie” Murray, as we discuss LOL, happy birthday corgi’s and laughing about the use of the word cock in a threat to my life by one of my other best friend Ciara’s. On second thoughts, the fact that the first thing a friend does when hearing my name and thinking i cant see them is load a gun is not a good thing. Yeah.. Yeah.

Lonnie’s writing a blog! I was there for the inauguration of Lonnies blog. We should change her name to one way. That way,there are signs all over the place telling people where she is. But, you nitpickers say, they’re all pointing in different ways,how does that work? Well,One Way only moves one way.UNPREDICTABLY.

Signing out now, my smile goes to the people who actually checked this blog when nothing new was going up out of pure curiousity, whch is always nice to see. Cheers guys 🙂



You sit around,tensely eyeing your comrades. Some will betray you. Others,will also betray you. In short,everyone at the table will somehow,betray you. You glance around,considering who to ally yourself with. 3 weak nations or 1 strong one? You roll the dice,sweat dripping down your palm. You get a 2. Sadness occurs in infinite amounts. Gibraltar is taken,and barricaded,your troops lost to war,your tiny plastic diplomats thrown out roughly. You watch your territory shrink gradually,praying that the tightly enforced Iceland resists your enemies desperate attempts to enslave the residents. You are all that stands between freedom and your tiny,imaginary people in tiny,imaginary chains and manacles,their imaginary freedom lost forever. The doorbell rings. It is pizza.

Over pizza,new alliances are forged. One of your friends starts talking about how great it would be if they had a laser cannon. Again. And again. And again. You begin again,fingers scrabbling over the globe,plotting your next move,scheming,planning,thinking about what will happen,while said friend demonstrates what would happen if,they were allowed a laser cannon. One of your friends complains you’re not following the rules. Another says,that while the rules are being called into question,wouldnt the inclusion of gigantic,orbital laser cannons be beneficial for everyone. You sigh,and watch greenland fall,and with it,your hopes of accomplishing your objectives.

Risk,as she is played.

My sides,the ache,it wont stop

Here. If you have 7 minutes to spare (and if you’ve stooped to reading my blog,you have),watch this. Its the best thing I’ve seen in 2012. .

Comics,and heroes have changed in the last 10 years or so. But i dont think there was ever a time when it was considered rational and a well thought out plan to change into a giant lobster,merely because you want to instil fear into the hearts of the enemy. And you’re left asking “WHY NOT?” If we had those kind of powers,the world’d be crazy. We’d all have architecture vision apparently,according to that video. And bat parachutes. Its hard to hoarsely intone “I AM THE NIGHT” and have inflatable bat parachutes.

Anyway! I havent posted anything in the last few days,either because I’ve been spending time with Helen (WHO IS BACK :D) or wandering around the place. I’ll post a few more later,maybe. Sherlocks back again tonight 😀 I dont think i can say how much i love that show. Its everything i liked about the orginal stories,and set in todays world. Thats what you want.

Oh no she has cottoned on the game is afoot

I think I’ve been handed a cease and desist invitation with regards to my less than perfectly grammatized titles. Never! They’re a thing now. And they will always be a thing!

My books came today! Well,about 86.5% of them,which is pretty cool! To anyone who needs more clarification,i got a voucher for Amazon this Christmas and ordered 8 books,one of which is for my dad as a thank you for the voucher. One hasnt come yet, the Sandman Companion, about a comic series written by one of my favourite authors,Neil Gaiman. Which is actually pretty amazing,and I’m always happy to give people copies of it if they’re interested. Its supposed to have cd’s and interviews and stories and miscellaneous things. I’m a devil for miscellaneous things,and as such,it gets my mandatory smile 🙂

I’m reading the House of Silk, a Sherlock Holmes story written by the same guy who did Alex Rider. I used to love those books,till he sort of lost the plot with them and i stoppped following. Still,this is actually pretty amazing. Its like a long Conan Doyle story. I havent any serious quibbles,and I can be pretty rabid about Holmes. Thus my day has been filled with Holmes,and as such,gets the official seal of epicness. Oh yes. Thats a thing.

With any luck,the other book should come tomorrow. OTHER THINGS THAT COME TO LIMERICK TOMORROW; HELEN  Which gets a unique 😀 face. Yes! After cunningly plotting her way out of the POW camp known as Kerry, She’s coming back. 🙂

One last thing. One of my friends,Kate McGrath used to do a pretty damn good blog for the lc. She’s lapsed since,the Lc no longer being a thing. Thank God. She has a talent for writing and I think she should take it up again. Public Shaming! Now in Blog form! Thanks for coming. 🙂

i’m so confused,all the lights,they burn

Did nothing today but lounge and watch quiz shows while destroying the charger that was keeping my computer at a healthy 0% battery power. Cons; My access to League of Legends and House dvds were the only thing keeping me sane while I’m stuck inside sick. Pro;Jeremy Paxman looked RIGHT at me through the camera. That’ll keep me going for a month. I feel that somehow,he sensed my shouts of the right answer,and I’ve earned his respect. 🙂

Anyone else see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? I dont know,its not like its my childhood they ruined,but you take it a little personally when producers take decent franchises out of the dust and then proceed to beat them up till they bleed hundred dollar bills. Its why Jar Jar Binks is so hated by Star Wars fans. You cant get that annoying voice out of your head,and simultaneously hearing it is enough to drive you crazy. Its why I’m so wary of a Firefly reboot. I’m worried I’ll curse Joss Whedon’s sudden yet inevitable betrayal.

Speaking of Joss Whedon,why does he hate me? And every other person who watches anything he makes. He does everything so well. Acting,script,direction. And then *SPOILER* he murders Penny. O Wash. For Gods sake,he was a leaf on the wind! Thats,, Thats just not right. I searched for a list of characters Joss Whedon has heartlessly murdered there. And there were other people on it. Not anyone I know. But the ones i mentioned werent even among the top 3. And now they’ve handed him the Avengers movie. Is it ok if i cut myself now,to save time?

This has been a bit nerdy. But I’m suffering from Lol withdrawal,I need to get as much nerdiness out of me as possible. Till later!


What the frick,this isnt even,i dont know

Well,I’m cooped up here,with an annoying cough and the overwhelming urge to walk around the house like a ninja to avoid detection. We’re probably the first or second generation that treats colds seriously. I mean,120,140 years ago,the towns wouldnt be much more than farmers markets. And with major sales having set dates,if a quota wasnt met,that could seriously damage a familys livelihood. They might have had to wait months before they made any more serious money. A New Years Toast- That we no longer have to go dig for spuds in the mud on Christmas day,when we’re sick to feed our families and support their income. Unless you’re from Kerry that is. God help them.

That was a deliberate reference! Its what they call,in the literary business,a segue. Which is funny because it sounds nothing like how its written. Not really funny,but… There. Its there. My point being that I have been reliably informed,that,should everything work out correctly (not much chance) and should the internet in Kerry work (no chance),my beautiful girlfriend will be showing some friends this thing. Hey! I’ve heard of you guys! You guys are cool and as such,get my one mandatory smile per post. 🙂 We are having a conversation,THROUGHOUT TIME. You thought you’d log on,not expecting anything,but bam,it was waiting for you. Now,I have a pretty important message for you. Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your ba.. Wait. Thats next week. Have fun tonight. Relax. And remember,that in the brief window where you had enough access to the internet,that could have been used for so much more than coming here. Like getting out of Kerry.


its still 3,why is it still 3,3 isnt cool

I’ve decided that in honour of this blogs inspiration,each title is going to be a shining example of horrible,horrible grammar. I’m going to be doing interesting and sometimes subtle mistakes,torturing the english language in a way that could only have been devised by the most devoted follower of Big Brother and DoubleSpeak or a bored English Lit undergraduate who hates editing.

The post itself is being conceived on a diet of tired energy and the desire to run around the place on bikes to Miracle Bell. I’m usually heading off by 2,half past,but for the last few nights I’ve been buzzing. Well,last night I had House to keep me up,and tonight I’m still coming down from the intense buzz that was the return of the Sherlock,with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman,who,incidentally,are co-starring in The Hobbit as Smaug the Dragon and Bilbo Baggins respectively. Mmmmmh. Smaaaaug. I dont know,I’m imagining some of the animated dragons from How to Train Your Dragon now. Smaug is a nice name. That kind of dragon would wear blue and white striped scarfs. We would go for weekend walks near rivers in Oxford,and wear respectable jackets and converse. Tolkien and I need to talk about this. This could be a thing. This could seriously be a thing.

And its New Years! I dont have any resoloutions,which either means I’m too vain to think of any,or too bad at self scrutiny to find any. Shoot. Either way,its technically the 2cd of January now, so I’m screwed. Oh well. It was a nice try. Anyone got any interesting resoloutions? And I know, I know that people never keep their resoloutions. I still think its decent that we try. That every now and again,we sit down and look at ourselves and think ” I can be better. I can do better. I am accountable to noone but myself in these area’s,but by God,something will be done.” Well,not all of us. I was 3 hours,50 minutes late. Pity that.

Its going to be a busy January,but I’ll leave that for the next post. Right now,the only reason I can comment is because my body is crashing itself trying to react to me being up this late,and doing so by realising huge,but nowhere near sufficient amounts of adrenaline. Got to save some material! Till next time. Cheers again. 🙂